Venture Photography and Jasper’s Amish #BOOTD

Whilst I was pregnant I had all these plans to have professional photos taken to document my pregnancy and Jaspy’s first few months. Naked silhouette pictures of my bump, mine and Pete’s hands around Jasper’s feet in the shape of a heart, Jasper in some adorable frog outfit in a plant pot … you know the sort. Well did I do any of those? Did I eck! Continue reading


We all have one

‘No act of kindness is ever wasted’

I’m sure we all have one of these people in our lives; some unfortunately have a few! You know the sort, the sort that doesn’t like to compliment you, doesn’t want to ask how something really fantastic in your life is going, the one who would rather point out the negatives or simply not point out anything at all – which in my eyes feels a lot worse!

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