Playroom Inspiration

As you know we are moving from our cosy cottage and into a lovely new barn in a few weeks time. The decor is a perfectly clean palet. The walls are all magnolia and the carpets and wooden floors are neutral giving me the chance to get creative and imaginative.

We want to design each room slowly and make sure that we make the right choices with buying and decorating so that we have our dream decor. Apart from Rhys’s and Jasper’s room we didnt bother to decorate each room with a theme in the cottage as we knew we’d only be here short term.

The one room that’s been on my mind is the boys playroom. We’re not sure exactly whether or not the playroom will also be one of the boys bedrooms, but either way I have some fab ideas (well I think theiyre fab anyway!).


Theme 1 – Geometric colour popgeometric colour pop

I’m a massive fan of geometric shapes and bold colours at the moment and think it would make a great idea for the boys playroom. Jasper loves looking at bright colours so he’d have a ball in a room like this!


Theme 2 – Black and Whiteblack and white

I was so close to decorating Jaspers bedroom in black and white but opted for a woodland theme due to his nickname – Rabbit. Some of his favourite toys are black and white so this would be amazing for him but I’d be worried that it would be a bit of a headache and not too fun for Rhys?


Theme 3 – Never never landPeter Pan theme

I’ve found loads of boys clothing lately with quotes such as ‘Never grow up’ and ‘lost boys’ and it’s really made me think that a Peter Pan themed room would be so much fun. I could do so much with it, like put in their teepee for a reading corner, have mermaid murals on the wales and a Peter Pan shadow on the ceiling! Their imaginations could really run wild!


Theme 4 – RusticRustic

As we’ll be moving into a barn I thought that a rustic theme would be fitting. I’m really into DIY so I could make a lot of signs and storage boxes using crates and drift wood. I could also create a dreamcatcher like the one above with cute feathers and a reading station tree too!


Theme 5 – Jungle

Rhys’s bedroom is kitted out with jungle bits and bobs in our cottage so we already have quite a few bits if we decide to stick to this theme. I love the animal tail hooks for their little painting aprons and coats. I’m also a tad obsessed with the felt animal heads from Urbanara which would look incredible on their walls!


Ooh decisions, decisions, decisions! You can check out more of my inspiration over on my Pinterest account.

Which theme do you like best?

Thanks for reading!


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 14.13.12

Is it safe to save the date?

With less than a year to go until our wedding I have a slight panic in the back of my mind. Although we have put down a deposit on our dream venue – Skylark Golf and Country Club, the date is not 100% confirmed… let me explain.

Skylark comprises of a beautiful golf club set on rolling hills with a stunning bar and restaurant area for the reception to be held in. The ceremony however, will be held in their restored barn, beside the golf club – my dream kind of venue!

Although they advertise to hold weddings, and they have held them in the past, it wasn’t until we actually spoke to our wedding planner Nicola that we found out they don’t yet have the appropriate licence.

You see, the club has recently been taken over by new owners. The previous owners, much to my distaste, used the beautiful barn as a gym! What a waste right!? Anyway, the new owners took down the boards covering the beams and decided to use it for a much more appropriate use – weddings!

The process of getting the change of usage license however was quite lengthy and wasn’t made any easier by the person who was dealing with the change, leaving.

We paid our deposit with the agreement that if the license wasn’t through by September, we would be entitled to a refund of the deposit. Ofcourse we could still hold a blessing in the barn, which is what the previous weddings were, but this would mean doing all of the official stuff before hand. This wouldn’t really be a problem, just a bit more planning and probably a bit more money.

I was happy to wait until September to find out, but it’s started to creep up on me. We can’t book a registrar until they have the license. Registrars can get snapped up pretty quickly. We also don’t want to book anything else too solid like photographers, entertainments etc incase we can’t get a registrar for that day and have to change the date.

If we can’t get a registrar then will we be entitled to a refund or to change the date? and will a new date even be available there?

I’ve had a bit of a battle in my mind about all of this. Maybe it’s a good thing if they can’t get it, as I could try for my other dream idea of a marquee wedding. I even went as far as emailing a few other barn venues and marquee companies just incase.

Luckily though, Nicola emailed me last week to let me know that the license had been approved and they should have the solid confirmation – a few days ago actually… don’t panic Jessica!

We have our save the date cards, sent to us by the wonderful Paper Themes who sent me a load of samples months back to review. The date is printed on all of them – 18th July 2015 – please don’t make me change it!Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 14.13.12

I guess we’ll just wait and see what Nicola says re the license and then we’ll go from there with registrar bookings or mad panics and rebookings!

Suggestions for calming a potential bridezilla please!?

Thanks for reading :)